БЯСПЛАТНАЯ дастаўка па ўсім свеце НА ўсіх замовах, Дастаўку УСЮДЫ Няма мінімальнага заказу ПАТРАБУЕЦЦА

Чорны Кветкавыя шифоновое сукенка максі


     If you are looking for a dramatic, romantic and tasteful yet sophisticated dress for a formal or semi-formal occasion, then this is The One. This dress is the very essence when it comes to putting together an eye-catching combination.  It resembles a perfect blend of sheerness and sexiness with a classical toned-down note because of the deep purple color embellished with floral pattern. The dress`s layering gives one of a kind effect, the black slip underneath will “keep you safe” with not showing too much skin, and on top of that, the sheer layer with the flower pattern covering your arms and continuing all the way to the ground will provide you with a spectacular bold look. The A-line shape is suiting for most of the women created for the purpose of emphasizing the thin waistline and its O-neck cover in sheer, carefully designed flower pattern highlighting your beautiful neckline. The back is a story by itself, with some cut-outs and in detail planned and placed buttons bringing attention to an unusual part of the body, making this dress unique and flirty.



S     Length 128 CM ,  Bust 84CM , Waist 68 CM
M Даўжыня 129 СМ, Бюст 88 CM, CM таліі 72
L     Length 130 CM , Bust 92 CM , Waist 76 CM

Бясплатная дастаўка па ўсім свеце на ўсе заказы. Няма мінімальнага не патрабуецца.

Мы садзейнічаем нашым кліентам 30 дзён вяртання ці гарантыі. Гэта дазваляе набываць тавары з бесклапотнасцю і маюць дзіўны вопыт пакупак у Buddhatrends.


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